Skeg Swell Sleds was Founded by Dimitri Jansen in September 2015. As a surfboard company, their focus is on high quality products, constructed with top of the line materials and an attention to detail. These factors combined with a creative spirit make for ‘one-of-a-kind’ boards that are each unique. Skeg sums this up in one of their favorite brand slogans… “Ride Your Art”. Words are powerful and they mean a lot to us, here at Skeg. The above sayings, phrases, logos, slogans and mottos are meant by us to be recognized, World Wide, as always associated with our brand, the dream that brand represents and the products we create for you, in whatever country you call home.

Philosophically, Skeg Swell Sleds desires to inspire and encourage people in their search for truth, happiness, love, and the path they were made for and of course, clean glassy peelers. This is the foundation of our Company motto, “Find Your Glide”. It is the foundation of who we are, here at Skeg Swell Sleds. Contact us today to begin your custom Surf, SUP or Boogie/Body board order. From all of us at Skeg Swell Sleds, “continue to search and “Find Your Glide”.