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n1. (Nautical Terms) 

A reinforcing brace

between the after end 

of a keel and a rudder post”.
2. (Nautical Terms) 


“A rear fin on 

the underside 

of a surfboard”.

It seems fitting that the definition of our name, reinforces what we stand for. Being a support. A skeg stabilizes and helps guide you, when you surf. Without it, there’s no control. Our motto and the main slogan of our company, is “Find Your Glide”, which encourages us all to search for what inspires us and also brings us peace in life. Our hope, is that our products remind you to strive for that.

When you surf, you can’t fight the forces, the surfboard has a line it wants to take. When you find that line, there’s a glide that occurs… It’s like a dream.

Swell Sleds in the name of our custom Surf, Body and Stand-Up-Paddle boards. We were inspired by the memory of sledding in the winter time. The joy felt as a child and the feeling of freedom it gave. When I started surfing I really felt that same kind of energy and ‘Swell Sleds’, was born.

It’ll change your life“, never has a more cliche statement been made about surfing…and yet so true. It WILL change your life, the way you look at life and how you look at every trip you take.

We hope our company, philosophy, and product line are a visual reminder for you to be a seeker. Just like on a wave, don’t fight against the forces, “find your glide”, and enjoy all the beauty life has to offer.

Our Slogans, mottos, sayings and artwork are an important part of business and very special to who we are, here, at Skeg Swell Sleds. They are, created by us, unique to our brand and protected by copyright and trademark law. Look below to see more of our ‘Skegology’.

This is our Motto for ‘Charging’

Each of our unique Skeg terms has it’s own unique story!