“Ready to pull the trigger and expand the quiver? – ‘Skeg Naked’

The first Skeg (‘Swell Sled’) surfboard, was constructed of the highest quality materials, crafted by hand, for a high-quality… totally unique, piece of shreddable, custom artwork. We liked the standard that we set with that board and have carried on with that same quality and technique, ever since. We believe a board should be durable, functional and something that represents you and you’re passion for life. We glass a little heavy and we put way to much time into artwork, and are glad we do…it shows. “Surfing offers numerous life lessons and making a surfboard by hand, holds many of them. “Always do your best and remember that no matter how hard you try, things are very rarely ‘perfect’… don’t forget to enjoy the ride and smile. Do your best and let it go, after the first ding, anything a computer or machine did to make that board perfect, just went over the falls….”

“Find Your Glide” – Skeg Swell Sleds

Custom Surfboards start at $155/ft (S-Glass** add $10/linear ft)

Custom SUP’s start at $200/ft (S-Glass** add $10/linear ft)

Custom Boogie/Body Boards – Please contact us for pricing

**S-Glass is stronger and lighter than standard fiberglass clothe

Custom Board Order

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